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Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

That’s where HomeTown Tax & Accounting comes in to play. Let us do what we do best, so that you can do your best and enjoy it all as much as possible. This is a family business. We want to help take care of your family. We work hard to answer your tax and accounting needs in a friendly, confidential and respectful manner.

A big part of what makes HomeTown Tax & Acct. so special is that our clients are our neighbors.  Whether they are our actual neighbors (2 blocks away) or our neighbors that live in Hawaii, we make you feel welcome and cared about.  

We don’t just care about helping you with your business or individual matters, we care about you as people and strive to show that in our work and the way we treat and represent you. We’re always going to ask how your family is doing.

We are accountants who are experts in the area of tax accounting.  




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Financial Services

Individual & business tax planning & preparation

We are accountants who specialize in tax accounting. We are tax accountants, not generic accountants. We eliminate the confusion and uncertainty that makes tax time so taxing. With many years of experience completing tax returns, we know what to look for to make your tax dollars work for you. In this time of tax law changes, it’s important to work with a firm that focuses on being up-to-date with tax law changes.

Financial & estate planning

Every financial decision has the potential to affect your income tax situation. We offer assistance on making the important decisions to work with your personal needs all the while watching out for your tax situation. We work with qualified attorneys and financial planners to make sure your plans work for the future, not just for today.

Personal & business accounting solutions

Not every farm, small business or even mid-size business can afford a full time accountant on their payroll. HomeTown Tax helps fill in the gaps and assures that you are managing your money in the most effective way. We offer record keeping for individuals, businesses, farms, non-profit organizations. We have a wide variety of services to fit any accounting need you encounter.


Bookkeeping & accounting services

Do you need weekly, monthly, quarterly record keeping. We will customize our service to fit your needs. We will give you easy to understand reports which show you your financial situation. We will make sure that you always understand the information that we gather, compile and give to you and we will customize those reports to assure they fit your needs.

Payroll solutions

Many small businesses hire off-site, unknown payroll services or engage in payroll with an online software company. We offer hands on, payroll solutions for your small business or farm. We make sure that all payroll taxes are paid on-time, penalty free. We get to know you, understand your needs, customize our services for you all the while making sure that deadlines are met and the appropriate forms filed with Federal and State authorities.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

We Want To Help.

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 Phone: (218) 781-2157 or (855) 606-7477

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